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Diocese of Jamshedpur

Vol. 47 No. 9                          Private Circulation Only                  September – 2017

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Jesus,

Pope Francis in his 'Amoris Laetitia,' or 'The Joy of Love' expresses few points that would keep a family together in love.

Make Time For One Another, Even If You're Busy
"Love needs time and space; everything else is secondary. Time is needed to talk things over, to embrace leisurely, to share plans, to listen to one other and gaze in each other's eyes, to appreciate one another and to build a stronger relationship. Sometimes the frenetic pace of our society and the pressures of the workplace create problems. At other times, the problem is the lack of quality time together, sharing the same room without one even noticing the other."  

Sometimes, Just Listen
"Instead of offering an opinion or advice, we need to be sure that we have heard everything the other person has to say. ... Often the other spouse does not need a solution to his or her problems, but simply to be heard, to feel that someone has acknowledged their pain, their disappointment, their fear, their anger, their hopes and their dreams.”

Accept Your Partner's Shortcomings
"It does not matter if they hold me back, if they unsettle my plans, or annoy me by the way they act or think, or if they are not everything I want them to be. Love always has an aspect of deep compassion that leads to accepting the other person as part of this world, even when he or she acts differently than I would like."

... And Be Generous With Their Imperfections
"We have to realize that all of us are a complex mixture of light and shadows. The other person is much more than the sum of the little things that annoy me. Love does not have to be perfect for us to value it. The other person loves me as best they can, with all their limits, but the fact that love is imperfect does not mean that it is untrue or unreal."

Never Go To Bed Angry: Hugs Can Help
"My advice is never to let the day end without making peace in the family," He writes, then quotes himself from 2015: "And how am I going to make peace? By getting down on my knees? No! Just by a small gesture, a little something, and harmony within your family will be restored. Just a little caress, no words are necessary."

Try To Find Your Partner Beautiful And Lovable
"Loving another person involves the joy of contemplating and appreciating their innate beauty and sacredness, which is greater than my needs. This enables me to seek their good even when they cannot belong to me, or when they are no longer physically appealing but intrusive and annoying."

Don't Hold Grudges
"Irritableness or resentment is a violent reaction within, a hidden irritation that sets us on edge where others are concerned, as if they were troublesome or threatening and thus to be avoided. To nurture such interior hostility helps no one. It only causes hurt and alienation."

Say Please, Thank You and Sorry
Francis quotes a speech he gave in 2013: "Three words need to be used. I want to repeat this! Three words: 'Please', 'Thank you', 'Sorry'. Three essential words!"
"Let us not be stingy about using these words, but keep repeating them, day after day."

Trust Is Key
"This goes beyond simply presuming that the other is not lying or cheating. ... It means we do not have to control the other person, to follow their every step lest they escape our grip. Love trusts, it sets free, it does not try to control, possess and dominate everything. This freedom, which fosters independence, an openness to the world around us and to new experiences, can only enrich and expand relationships."

Remember: Love Takes Work
"It is not helpful to dream of an idyllic and perfect love needing no stimulus to grow. A celestial notion of earthly love forgets that the best is yet to come, that fine wine matures with age. ... It is much healthier to be realistic about our limits, defects and imperfections, and to respond to the call to grow together, to bring love to maturity and to strengthen the union, come what may."

When You Argue, Acknowledge Your Partner's Perspective
"Never downplay what they say or think, even if you need to express your own point of view. ... We ought to be able to acknowledge the other person's truth, the value of his or her deepest concerns, and what it is that they are trying to communicate, however aggressively."

Aim To Disagree Without Being Hurtful
"Making a point should never involve venting anger and inflicting hurt. A patronizing tone only serves to hurt, ridicule, accuse and offend others. Many disagreements between couples are not about important things. Mostly they are about trivial matters. What alters the mood, however, is the way things are said or the attitude with which they are said."

Think Thoughts, Read Books: It's Important To Be Interesting.
"For a worthwhile dialogue we have to have something to say. This can only be the fruit of an interior richness nourished by reading, personal reflection, prayer and openness to the world around us. Otherwise, conversations become boring and trivial. When neither of the spouses works at this, and has little real contact with other people, family life becomes stifling and dialogue impoverished."

Appreciate and embrace marital-sexuality
"God himself created sexuality, which is a marvellous gift to his creatures," Francis writes. Sex should never be pursued for just one person's pleasure, or in a way that treats your partner as "an object to be used," Francis writes, and should always involve freely given consent. Sexuality is "meant to aid the fulfilment of the other," he writes, but "personal satisfaction" is involved as well — not just self-sacrificing service to your partner's needs.

Your Friend and Servant
+Felix Toppo, S.J.           
Zara Hat Ke programmes: St. Xavier's Church, Chaibasa

With joy we share that this year in the celebration of the Golden Jubilee of St. Xavier's Church is doing some Zara Hat Ke programmes. We had Monica day celebration not only in the parish but 55 men and women went to Ulahatu for pilgrimage and on 3rd Sept. 2017 we had celebration of Sainthood Day of St. Mother Theresa of Kolkata; there was one solemn Mass in the parish. After the Mass, there was a silent prayer procession from the Church to Sadar Hospital with the lighted candles. At the hospital campus in front of the Mother's statue, we had a short prayer, garlanding on the statue by Sisters from MC, Fr. Augustine Kullu, Mr. Asish Birua and Mrs. Elisaba Dungdung. After this programme, St. Xavier's Boys School children presented a Nukad Natak on Mother Theresa and with short prayer we ended the prayer session. It was followed by a Fruit distribution to the inmates of the hospital; 185 patients were given fruits and 20 TMC children were given towels. The celebrations continued with a blood donation camp in the other side and it continued till 1.30 PM. 36 units of blood was donated. We thanked all the Law Administration, Hospital Administration and all our parishioners, donors for the day. Our parishioners bore all the expenses for the day. (Fr. Halan Bodra)

Feast Day Celebration at St. Mary's Church, Bistupur

St Mary's Church, Jamshedpur celebrated its feast day which is also the feast day of Assumption Our Lady. The celebration began with the Holy Mass at 10:00 am  by Rt Rev Bishop Felix Toppo, S.J. Rev Fr Edward Saldanha, Rev Fr Puthumai Raj and Rev Fr Pradeep Marandi concelebrated the Mass. After the Eucharistic celebration, there was a short cultural programme in which Sacred Heart Convent School, St Mary's Hindi School, St   Mary's English High School, Xavier's School, Gamharia, St Xavier's School, Khasmahal and the parishioners presented one cultural programme each. During the cultural programmes, Sr. Christy, SJT and Mr John Lakra; Area Leader were felicitated for their contribution to the Church and the community. The Bishop presented them with the Scroll of Honour and a shawl on behalf of the parishioners. In this event, four children of our parish were recognized for their good performance. The cultural programme was followed by fellowship meal. About 750 parishioners joined the celebration. (Mrs. Manisha Topno)

Workshop on Sustainable Development Goals
The Catholic Charities organized a workshop on Sustainable Development Goals for its staff on 25th September, 2017. The goal of this workshop was to strengthen and motivate the staff with the mission and vision of United Nations and thereby to apply them in the working areas, so that the staff may be able to play a role in achieving these goals. The aim of the United Nations is to achieve these 17 goals by the end of 2030. Dr. Gaurav Anand from JUSCO was the resource person, who explained the every 17 goals in details. Mrs. Dr. Nilima Bara from JUSCO was very kind enough to get us the resource person. The CCJ family offers Dr. Gaurav Anand, Dr. Mrs. Nilima Bara and all the CCJ staff for their active participation and cooperation.

The Annual General Body Meeting of Catholic Charities.
The Annual General Body Meeting of Catholic Charities Sundernagar was held on 18th August 2017 in the office of CCJ at 5 pm. The President, Dr. Felix Toppo,S.J chaired the meeting. He invited the SJVK team to sing a bhajan and lead the house in prayer. After the prayer, President extended the warm welcome to all the members' especially Sr. Beena Kujur SSH (Vikas Bharti) and Fr. Birendra Tete, Asst. Director. After that a minute of silence was observed in the name of Late Fr. George Mannarakam the former member of the general body.

The President then expressed the heartfelt thanks and appreciation to Rev. Fr. C. R. Prabhu the former Director of the Organization by honouring him with a shawl. He also wished the new director Fr. Alwin C.V all the best for the new adventure. There was a sharing on different topics such as the achievements, challenges, outgoing and incoming of the staff and about the various projects. The president thanked the director and the staff for their good and hard works.

Distribution of Mango Saplings
Keeping in mind the message of Pope Francis in Laudato Si, the Catholic Charities took the initiative to reach more than 500 grafted mango saplings to different Parishes and Institutions of the diocese. It was very well accepted by the Parish Priests and the Head of the different Institutions. The Catholic Charities offers a big thanks to all for your cooperation. May we come forward more and more and take initiatives to protect and care for our loving mother earth.

St. Xavier's English School, Chaibasa
On 21st July Silver Jubilee celebration of the school was officially begun. The whole Xavier family assembled on the ground for the celebrations. The day began with a prayer, Scripture Reading from the Holy Bible followed by a prayer song. We were honoured to have the presence of Fr. Helen Bodra, the Chief Guest, Fr. Sahay Thason, Sr. Geeta and our principal Sr. Sheetal. The lamp was lit by the guests, sisters, some selected staff members and students. The School Choir presented a melodious Jubilee Song. A Dance Drama was presented by the students which led us to the memory lane of the glorious 25 year journey.

After this, a formal procession was led by the Xaverities. It started from our school and ended at the SPG Mission Compound via many areas of the town. The students enthusiastically displayed a stupendous road show. Soon it became the talk of the town. The next day, 22nd July was declared as a holiday.

The regular classes resumed from 23rd July. Various co-curricular activities were held in the school. The Telegraph organized, 'Telegraph Genius Aptitude Test' for Std I to IX on 1st August.

Marriage preparation course at St. Joseph's Cathedral, Golmuri

A Five Day Marriage Preparation Course was organized by Rev. Fr. David Vincent, the Parish Priest. The course was solemnly inaugurated by Rt. Rev. Bishop Felix Toppo, S.J. In a nutshell, he threw light on “Amoris Laetitia” to instill desire in participants' mind and heart. There were 31 participants. The topics were wisely chosen to enlighten the participants-such as Biblical perspective on marriage, Sacraments, practical problems in married life, Canon law on marriage and its implications, Pope's teachings on marriage, practical tips for family issues. Topics were tactfully and meticulously dealt with by Frs. Valerian Lobo, Jilson T. L., Edwin Coelho, David Vincent,  Manoj Tigga,  Fabian Toppo and Mr. Bimal Lakra.

The participants highly appreciated the course. They came to conclusion that 'shadi barbadi nahi hai'. It is a life-long friendship and sharing of life and love. Congratulations and kudos to Rev. Fr. David Vincent and all the resource persons. (Fr. Manoj Tigga)

One-Day workshop on the current situations of Jharkhand
The Catholic Diocese of Jamshedpur organized a workshop at Catholic Charities, on the current situations of Jharkhand in view of the New Laws and Ordinances in the state of Jharkhand on 31st August. Mr. Benjamin Lakra and Mr. Vinod Kispotta were the resource persons, who in their speech highlighted the pros and cons, opportunities and obstacles of the new ordinances. There were around 400 participants, who came from all over the diocese. A big thanks to Bishop Felix Toppo SJ and the Catholic Charities for organizing it so well. ( Fr. Birendra Tete)

Bible Quiz: 53
Mt. 19-16-26
Everyone of us wishes to attain eternal life as the young man in the gospel. Jesus is ever ready to guide us in this endeavour. It is not just following the Ten commandments but a total surrender to God and also having a loving concern for the neighbour as oneself that leads us to eternal life. So, let us go for it!

1.         Why did the young man come to Jesus?
2.         According to Jesus only One is good. Who is he?
3.         Fill in the blanks : I have …………. all these, what do I ……….
4.         Whom should I love as myself?
5.         If you wish to be complete, then go and ……….  Complete the sentence.
6.         What will be there in heaven for us?
7.         What was the response of the young man when he heard Jesus?
8.         Where is it that the rich person finds difficult to enter ?
9.         Where does the Pope live?
10.       Whose birthday is celebrated on 08th of September?
You are requested to send the answers latest by the first week  of September to the following address.

Divya Bharati Pastoral Centre
Near Mudhra Hospital,
Chaibasa, Jharkhand – 833201


Jeyraj Ignatious
Emmanuel Horo
A.    Alphose
C.R. Prabhu
Tobias Kujur
Nestor Soreng
Vijay Bhatt
Edward Saldanha
Benedict Minj
Pascal Toppo
Bipin Barla


TLIG Pilgrimage
To Ranchi   to  JSR
09.30 am
Meeting of JDC & JDES, Passing of Audit Report
To Kolkata to Jalpaiguri

Retreat for the Priests of Jalpaiguri Diocese
To Kolkata to Bangalore


Standing Committee Meeting
To Ranchi to Anandpur

Contribution for the Diocesan News Letter
Your great work or the success story of your parish or institution may be an inspiration to others. It may help someone to restructure his/her priorities. Therefore, may we request you to send the news and stories of success / failures, pastoral activities for the “News Letter”. So that everybody could benefit from it. (You may send them to Fr. Jilson T.L -

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Diocese of Jamshedpur

Vol. 47 No. 8                          Private Circulation Only                  August – 2017

On August 15 every year with deep faith and devotion, we celebrate the great Feast of the Assumption of Virgin Mary. Our Mother Church teaches us that Virgin Mary, “having completed the course of her life, was assumed body and soul into heavenly glory”. Mary is the Sublime Masterpiece of God the Father. She is superbly beautiful in her perfect Love that the Angels never cease admiring the Holiest of all Virgins. We need to honour the Woman adorned with the sun, adorned with the Holy Spirit, thrice Holy and who fills the world and ranks as Mother of God and Queen of Heaven. She, the Immaculate Conception, is the Beloved Spouse of the Creator. She crushes the head of Satan. Jesus her Divine Son, is the Heart of her Heart, Soul of her Soul and the Spirit of her Spirit. The Hearts of Jesus and Mary are One. She is the Queen of Angels and all creatures. Our loving Mother is the Co-Redemptress of our Redeemer whose Sacred Heart, burning with Love, was offered to be pierced too for our sake.

This same Mother Mary has appeared to many persons of different age in various times and places to guide, teach, support us and to warn the Church and the humankind. I am going to introduce three such apparitions of our times with messages which are of prime importance for our redemption. These are apparitions of Virgin Mary at Lourdes, Fatima and Garabandal.

1. The Apparition of Our Lady of Lourdes
Beginning with her first apparition of February 11, 1858, Mary appeared eighteen times to Bernadette Soubirous, a girl of only fourteen years of age, When Bernadette asked the Lady who she was, she received this reply, “I am the Immaculate Conception”. Less than four years before, on December 8, 1854, Pius IX had raised the teaching about the Immaculate Conception of Our Lady to be dogma of faith. Through this dogma the Church teaches us that the Most Blessed Virgin Mary was from the first moment of her conception, by the singular, grace and privilege of Almighty God, and in view of merits of Christ Jesus the Saviour of the human race, preserved immune from all stain of original sin, is revealed by God and therefore, firmly and constantly to be believed by all the faithful. (cf. The Christian Faith #708).

The Messages of Lourdes can be summed up in the following four points: a. Heavenly confirmation of the dogma of Immaculate Conception, b. Reparation for sins and personal conversion, c. Importance of prayer and specially the Rosary.

2. The Apparition of Our Lady of Fatima
Our Lady appeared six times to Lucia Dos Santos, age 9, and her cousins, Frncisco and Jacinta Marto, age 8 and 6 respectively at Cova da Iriva close to Fatima village in Portugal. The Apparition of Mary was preceded by three apparitions of an Angel. Our Lady appeared on May 13, 1917, June 13, 1917, July 13, 1917, August 19, 1917, September 13, 1917 and the last on October 13, 1917.

Miracle of the Sun
During the last apparition the famous “Miracle of the Sun” took place at midday. The rain stopped suddenly and there appeared exceptionally bright sun, but not dazzling. The sun began to turn as if projecting in each direction bands of light of each colour that lit and collared the clouds, the sky, the trees, and the crowd. It stayed for some moments then it went back to its normal position, it stayed still for a small while and then it happened again. Suddenly it looked as if it stood out from the sky to fall headlong on the crowd that was looking terrorized; they fell to their knees and begged mercy. Meanwhile the visionary children saw a Lady dressed like the white of the sun with a blue cope, St. Joseph with the Child Jesus that blessed the world. Then after this vision they saw the Lord bless the world, standing next to our Lady of Sorrows. After these visions the Lady of Mt Carmel finished the miracle. The people then became aware that there clothes were completely dried.

The Main Messages of Our Lady given at Fatima
a) Penance
In the Gospels the word penance means  a conversion of one’s life, a turning away from sin, and a turning back to God. Our Lady insisted at Fatima: “Men must amend their lives, and ask pardon for their sins.....They must no longer offend Our Lord, Who is already so much offended.” Fatima message is a call for men to give up sinful practices which grieve God and draw down his chastisements on the world, and to make reparation for them. Our Lady told the children to make sacrifices for sinners; for many souls go to hell because there is no one to make sacrifices for them.

b) Prayer
Besides a call to penance, Fatima is in a special way a call for the Rosary. In each of the six apparitions Our Lady asked for daily Rosary, and especially as an instrument of world peace. After repeatedly asking for the daily Rosary, and identifying herself as “The Lady of the Rosary”, the Blessed Mother terminated the final apparition by showing the children three separate tableaux symbolizing the entire message of the Rosary. The first was the vision of the Holy Family – representing the joyful mysteries; the second a vision of Our Lady of Sorrows – representing the sorrowful mysteries; and the third is a vision of Our Lady of Mount Carmel – representing the glorious mysteries.

c) Devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary
In the second apparition on June 13, Our Lady let the children know that “Jesus wishes to establish throughout the world devotion to my Immaculate Heart. I promise salvation to those who embrace it.” Our Lady asked to make Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

3. The Apparition of Our Lady of Garabandal
Garabandal is a small village in the Santander Province in northern Spain, where Our Lady appeared to four girls – Conchita Gonzales, Maria Dolores (Mari-Loli) Mazon, Jacinta Gonzalez and Maria Cruz Gonzales. Maria was 12 years of age and others were eleven, and all were from poor families. From 1961 to 1965 Our Lady appeared to these girls, sometimes together, sometimes alone, innumerable times. During the apparitions the girls went into ecstasies. Powerful beams of strong light were focused on them, yet their eyes did not even flicker, blink or show any signs of discomfort. The flame did not burn them. On July 18, 1962 the Miracle of the Host took place. An Angel with a golden chalice gave Conchita on her tongue the holy Host. People saw the host, but did not see the angel.

Four Main Messages of Garabandal
Three great supernatural events were prophesied at Garabandal.

a) The Warning
The first is a worldwide Warning from God to be seen and then felt interiorly by everyone on earth. At that moment, we will see the wrong we have done and the good we failed to do. The Warning will be sent to correct the conscience of the world and prepare it for the great miracle.

b) The Miracle
The Miracle will take place at the grove of pine trees on a bluff overlooking the village of Garabandal It will occur on a Thursday evening at 8.30 on or between the eighth and the sixteenth of March, April or May. (Visionary Conchita knows the date and will announce it eight days in advance.) It will be on the feast day of a martyr of the Eucharist and coincide with an event in the Church. All the persons present either in the village or surrounding mountains will see it. The sick who are present will be cured, sinners converted and the incredulous will believe. As a result of the Miracle, Russia will be converted.

c) The “Sign”
After the Miracle, a permanent visible supernatural sign will remain at the pines in Garabandal until the end of time as a proof of Our Lady’s tremendous love for all her children. The Sign that will remain, will be able to be seen, photographed and televised, but it will not be able to be touched. It will appear clearly that it is something not of this world, but of God.

d) The Chastisement
If the world still does not change after the Miracle, then God will send the Chastisement. Dear brothers and sisters, as we celebrate the glorious feast of the Assumption of Our Lady, let us also remember that she as our Mother who loves us immensely. She appears to the visionaries to guide us in the path of holiness, to teach us God’s will for our salvation and to warn us against the sin committed against God and imminent punishment if we do not repent. I invite all of you to reflect and meditate on God’s love, to pray to Our Lady of Rosary and to love the Immaculate Hearts of Jesus and Mary. This will make our Feast spiritually meaningful and fruitful.

                                                                                                            Your Friend and Servant
                                                                                                            +Felix Toppo, S.J.

St. John Mary Vianney, A Model for Priests 

St. John Mary Vianney, the saint of Ars, is a man of God, a man of prayer and a man for others. There are now a plethora of tasks, activities and movements in which priests are expected to immerse themselves. But the challenges and demands made on priests today should not frighten or confuse them. The new emphasis and requisites only tend to integrate priests with their people, whereas the older theologies highlighted their separateness. They have not only to celebrate the sacred mysteries but also try in their life to epitomise the Word they preach and the sacrifice they make present. To bring about such metamorphosis in priestly life, it demands a profound and radical self-giving. Here St. John Mary Vianney comes to our rescue.

St. Vianney, a heroic model and a persuasive teacher of the practice of piety, virtue and penance, is seen always as a model for priests. Pope John XXIII in his Encyclical, Sacerdotii Nostri Primordia says, Vianney is “wonderful in his pastoral zeal, in his devotion to prayer and in the ardor of his penance to the honors of the saints of heaven, now, one hundred years after his death, offers him with maternal joy to all the clergy as an outstanding model of priestly asceticism, of piety, especially in the form of devotion to the Eucharist, and, finally, of pastoral zeal.” Therefore, he is a model of clerics. “a priest who was outstanding in a unique way in voluntary affliction of his body; his only motives were the love of God and the desire for the salvation of the souls of his neighbors, and this led him to abstain almost completely from food and from sleep, to carry out the harshest kinds of penances, and to deny himself with great strength of soul.” Pope further says that it is very difficult in present scenario to be like him. This task brings us challenge before us.

Over enthusiastic biographers held that Ars was a den of iniquity and a cesspool of immorality. But it may not have been so notoriously immoral. However, to the average citizens, God was not important and the church played no active role in their lives. On the eve of Vianney’s departure for Ars, Fr. Courbon, the Vicar General told him, “There is no love of God in that parish. Go and put some love into it.” And he did just that by his prayer and penance. His bargain with God was, “Grant me the conversion of my parish. I consent to suffer whatever you want for the rest of my life.”  Like a true prophet he called his people to repentance; through him, the spirit of penance spread through the land like fire over dry stubble. He was there up to fifteen hours a day reconciling sinners. He penetrated the impenetrable hearts, converted the most corrupted souls, won favour with God and man through his self-giving and simplicity of life, too simple a life, in fact, to express in human words. For instance, his daily meal consisted of a bowl of boiled potatoes and he rested only for 3 hours.

It is said that we are living in the age of “the lonely crowd” in “concrete jungles,” an age in which the separation and gulf among the hearts and minds of people often find tragic expressions. As an ambassador of Christ the priest must appeal to all people to be reconciled with God and with one another. To those who are lost in the loneliness and isolation of sin he must effectively speak Christ’s word of forgiveness. A priest is a man who builds bridges (pontifex) and breaks down barriers. In fact, the priest himself must be a bridge i.e., a genuine living link between God and people through prayer and selfless service. “Oh! How great is the Priesthood! It can be properly understood only in Heaven... if one were to understand it on this earth one would die, not of fright but of love!” (Pope Benedict XVI in his General Audience on 4th August 2009).

St. Vianney’s very life is a reminder that the aim of all revolution must be reconciliation. If like their patron, priests make the Eucharist the centre of their life and allow it to mold and shape them, they too can attain the power of total giving of self which is needed to live up to the image and profile of a pastoral priest. Then every priest can become a real pontifex, who brings reconciliation in the world. Thus, the simple, gentle and pacific Vianney becomes a challenging Vianney for all priests.

“Dear St. John Vianney, because of your love of God you showed great charity towards your neighbour. You could not preach on the Love of God without burning tears of love. During your last years, it seemed as though you could not talk about anything else or live for anything else, but for love. You sacrificed yourself to your neighbour by consoling, absolving and sanctifying them to the limits of your strength. Your charity inspires me to greater love of God, a love which is shown more by acts than by words. Help me to love my neighbour generously as Christ loves them. St John Vianney, Patron of Priests, pray for us and for all priests. Amen.” (Fr. Raju Felix Crasta)

Nuncio’s Visit to Ranchi

His Excellency, Archbishop Giambattista Diquattro, Apostolic Nuncio to India and Nepal reached Ranchi on 26th July, 2017. He was welcomed in a traditional manner at the airport. On the same day, he had a meeting with all the Major Superiors of different congregations in Ranchi.  In the same evening there was a public reception arranged at St. Albert’s College Auditorium, Ranchi. As the Chairman of JHAAN Regional Bishops’ Conference, Rt. Rev. Felix Toppo, S.J, welcomed his Excellency, Archbishop Giambattista Diquattro, to Chota Nagpur and gave him a brief introduction about the Church in Jharkhand. His Eminence Telesphore Cardinal P. Toppo felicitated him by giving him a shawl and a memento of  Birsa Munda
The variety of programmes by the brothers and by hostellers of St. Anne’s were remarkable. In his message, Nuncio stated that the Holy Spirit is at work in India and the whole world’s attention is in India.

On 27th July, nuncio met with the board of bishops and seminary staff at St. Albert’s Ranchi. He also made it a point to meet every bishop of JHAAN Region personally and spend time with them, discussing various matters. On 28th July, he departed for Delhi.

Family Commission Meeting
On 18th & 19th July 2017 all the diocesan directors of JHAN gathered at the Diocesan Pastoral Centre, Khunti at the invitation of Regional Secretary for Family Commission, Fr. Luis Joseph of Dumka diocese to reflect and discuss on Amoris Laetitia, the Joy of Love. The family which begins with the sacrament of Marriage is vital for the survival and existence of human family. God's presence could be experienced only in and through family. So, the Church has the utmost responsibility to take care of every family, especially the Catholic families. Hence, the marriage preparation must be taken very seriously so that the couple begin their marital life with great joy. During the deliberation, it was suggested that proper syllabus on marriage could be prepared so that those who prepare the couples could do justice to the subject.

Chaibasa Denery Krus Vir Animators Meet
On 29th July 2017 Krus Vir animators of Chaibasa deanery gathered at Divya Bharati, diocesan pastoral centre, Chaibasa to plan for the forthcoming Krus vir mahosavo. After the prayer, the animators bid farewell to Fr. Dileep Marandi who served as the coordinator for krus vir for three years with full zeal and enthusiasm, despite his other responsibilities in the parish. They also welcomed Fr. Valerian Lobo as the new coordinator for the Krus vir. After evaluating and briefing about the various activities done at different centres, it was decided that this year we will have Krus vir Rally for the children from 26th to 28th September, 2017 at Chaibasa.
After having a sumptuous meal, all the 25 animators went back to their places. A special word of thanks to all the Parish Priests, Headmasters, Headmistresses and Principals for taking keen interest in forming our Catholic Children in Faith.

One day Football Tournament at Pursudih

30th May, 2017 St. Robert Church campus witnessed a grand foot tournament organised by Catholic Youth of Jamshedpur Deanery. Fr. David Vincent, the Vicar General inaugurated the event. There were 15 teams from different parishes. The final match was between Mango A  & B teams. This was also an occasion to thank Fr. Dileep Marandi, the outgoing Diocesan Youth Coordinator for his service for the past three years. The newly appointed Diocesan Youth director, Fr. Valerian Lobo was also welcomed by the Diocesan and deanery committee members. The whole event was well organised with the help of the Parish Priest, the Principal and the various organizations of the parish. Big thanks to all for the grand success.

Diocesan Catholic Mahila Sangh
On 30th July, 2017, the diocesan Catholic Mahila Sangh committee had a meeting with Fr. Valerian Lobo, the newly appointed Diocesan Spiritual Director for women at St. Mary's Church. After getting to know each other and coming to know the difficulties, it was felt that there is an urgent need to revive the Mahila Sangh in every parish. Hence, it was decided that according the convenience, we will organise renewal programmes at the parish, deanery and the diocesan level.

St. Xavier's English School , Chaibasa
'Fresher's Party' was organized for the students of Std – XI by the students of Std XII in the school. Our principal introduced Sr. Geeta, the Superior to all of us. She will be joining us in the month of August 2017. We celebrated the success of our students for their excellent performance in ISC/ CISCE. “Investiture Ceremony” was held on 28.06.17. The newly appointed members were presented to the principal by the discipline in-charge Mr. Surojit Das. Rahul Kumar was sworn as the head boy and  Smriti Bajpayee as head girl of the school.

Provincial of Sacred Heart province Sr. Kusum visited our school on 06.07.17. The students of Std XI conducted the morning assembly for welcoming her. She spoke few inspirational words to the students. Teachers had a short meeting with Sr. Kusum in presence of our principal Sr. Sheetal. She congratulated the principal and the teachers for the excellent board results. Sr. Kusum spoke to the teachers and focused on creating enthusiasm among the students to explore themselves. Meeting was followed by the fellowship meal given by Sr. Kusum.

Please Note:
Divya Jyoti Renewal Centre is organizing EPHETHA (The Youth Fest- 2017) in the Renewal Centre. The programme aims at the spiritual empowering of the youth through psycho-spiritual and charismatic interventions. Kindly encourage and bless the youth of your parish to participate in this event.
 Venue:  Divya Jyoti Renewal Centre (Patel Bagan, Sundernagar)
Time: August 12 to 15 (Registration begins 12th 1pm and the Retreat ends at 15th 1pm).
Registration Fee: 300/- per person.  
Number of Participants: Between 5 to 10 from each Parish.
Things to Bring: Bible, Notebook & Pen, Bed sheets and Toilet articles. 

There is a SCC Training Programme for the Parish Priests and the SCC team of the Jamshedpur Diocese and Province. From each parish 5 members, including the Parish Priest can participate in the Seminar. Fr. Vijay Thomas, National Secretary of CBCI for NST and SCC will be the resource person.
Venue:  Upasana, Mango, Jamshedpur
Time: 27 Evening  - 30 Noon. (August,2017 )
For more details please contact Fr. Anil Dang, S.J, Director, Divya Bharati, Chaibasa, 997389150

Bible Quiz: 52

 Mt. 17-1-9
1.         Whom did Jesus take when he went up to the mountain?
2.         On the mountain in front of his disciples what happened to Jesus?
3.         Fill in the blanks:  “His face shone like the _______ and his clothes became bright  as ______
4.         “Master, it is good that we are here.” – who said to whom?
5.         How many and for whom Peter wanted to make tents?
6.         What did the voice from the cloud say?
7.         “Stand up, do not be afraid” who said to whom? – Choose the right answer.
1. Peter said to John, 2. Jesus said to his disciples
3. John said to Jesus 4. Angel said to the disciples.
8.         What did Jesus command his disciples when he came down from the mountain?
9.         Fill in the blanks St. John Mary Vianney is patron saint of ________
10.       Which day in a week is dedicated to our Blessed Mother ?

You are requested to send the answers latest by the first week  of September to the following address.

Divya Bharati Pastoral Centre
Near Mudhra Hospital,
Chaibasa, Jharkhand – 833201

James Surin
Amatus Kujur
Cornelius Tigga
John Crasta
Alfred Balmuchu
Johny P.D
Augustine Topno

06.30 pm
Feast of St. Dominic. Holy Eucharist
09.30 pm
Meeting with the Parish Priests & Mission Station In-Charges
10.00 am
Mass and Cultural Program St. Mary’s Church
05.00 pm
GB & AGB of CC and SJVK
05.00 pm
GB Meeting of DSWC
06.30 am
Fifty Years of the Service of the Samaritan Sisters
09.30 am
Meeting of the Junior priests
To Delhi

Contribution for the Diocesan News Letter
Your great work or the success story of your parish or institution may be an inspiration to others. It may help someone to restructure his/her priorities. Therefore, may we request you to send the news and stories of success / failures, pastoral activities for the “News Letter”. So that everybody could benefit from it. (You may send them to Fr. Jilson T.L -